ALSO Cans 4 Cars

Recycling for ALSO transportation.

Safe, affordable, and accessible transportation for people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities.  100% of can & bottle funds goes toward wheelchair lifts, mileage coverage, vehicle repairs, new vehicle purchases, and other accessible vehicle needs.

Step 1: Set-Up

  • ALSO will mail or drop-off blue bags with stickers attached to your business.
  • Set up a place for collecting cans & bottles with blue bags. One or multiple spots throughout your biz.
  • Display Cans For Cars flyer near can & bottle collection spot.


Step 2: Collect Cans

  • Have fun and collect cans knowing you’re recycling and supporting ALSO’s transportation programs. 
  • Consider having a can drive / challenge.


Step 3: Redeeming and Donations. 3 Options

  • Return full bags to any BottleDrop location. 
    • No need to wait in line at BottleDrop. Drop off at the main counter or outside bin.
    • Per BottleDrop – there is a 10 bag maximum drop-off per visit.  
  • Call ALSO for a BottleDrop pick-up. 
  • Drop off at ALSO office


Step 4: Final Steps & Repeat

  • They count’em and ALSO automatically receives the BottleDrop refund donation. 
  • Contact ALSO’s main office for more BottleDrop Blue Bags and 10 bags will be mailed at a time. | 503-489-6565
  • Set-up automatic quarterly pick-up and drop-off of new blue bags.  

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