ALSO has gone beyond all expectations to create a team which honors Cody’s individualism and to support him in his occupation.

Ann Donaca Sullivan, Mom to Cody, Portland, OR

Lifelong Disability Supports and Services for People and Their Families

Our work is Heart Work. ALSO advocates for person centered services supporting individuals and their families through the many phases of their lives. We believe that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have the same opportunities in their home, workplace, and community.

Our Heart Work supports the full inclusion of people experiencing disabilities in life. ALSO is one of Oregon’s premier disability support service providers. Together we work to see ability not disability. 

  • ALSO provides a full range of disability support services to children and adults 
  • ALSO ensures all people with disabilities have access to the resources they need to live full lives 
  • ALSO supports people as they transition through the school years, to adulthood, through aging 
  • ALSO advocates for choice, involvement, independence, and self-determination 

ALSO Heart Work Services

Supported Disability Employment Services at ALSO are focused on creating a customized approach to provide meaningful employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities seeking jobs.  ALSO supported employment services have been recognized as one of the state of Oregon’s most robust programs by providing the best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  

Residential Services utilizes person-centered practices to work collaboratively as a team with individuals, families, and ALSO’s Heart Work Advocates. ALSO ensures people who need developmental disabilities residential services are given the opportunity to live their lives as fully and independently as possible.  

Supported Living Services are delivered by working hard to promote, encourage, and assist with independence based on a variety of community living and support services customized to individual needs. In-Home Supports are services offered in private residences based on a person-centered approach that is developed around individual needs. These community living support programs are a cornerstone of ALSO’s high impact throughout Oregon. 

Children’s Support Services are designed and implemented with the whole child in mind. They provide support services for children to foster healthy, safe, creative, and inviting home environments where children live full lives. Our Heart Work supports each child’s distinct needs, emphasizing integrated assistance, skill development, independence, decision making, and community inclusion.    

ALSO Community Arts Program is an inclusive community arts program, studio, and gallery located in Troutdale, Oregon. It’s a foundation of ALSO’s Heart Work programs and is a pillar in the community providing disability services and support. This hallmark program is committed to the full inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities by providing accessible disability services and support via art opportunities, training, expression and talent recognition. 

Let’s Make Heart Work a Reality For Those Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Schedule a tour today to see first hand how ALSO’s Heart Work comes to life. Experience the vision, the people we support, and meet our Heart Work Advocates. To schedule a tour, contact Sarah Cinquini. | 503-753-1239.

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