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Clackamas County Disability Support Services

Clackamas County Service Area

This county is the third largest in the State of Oregon and includes the following cities:





Happy Valley

Johnson City

Lake Oswego



Oregon City





West Linn


We are a trusted partner of the Clackamas County Social Services Division. Children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities (including their families) can rely on ALSO for support that is individualized, compassionate, and respectful. We are advocates for people with disabilities that consider our support services to be Heart Work.


ALSO has been guiding people in reaching their goals for a better life since 1997. Since then,
we’ve expanded services to include not only 24-hour residential care, but numerous state-of-theart programs, such as:



ALSO Mission

To promote the full inclusion of people experiencing disabilities in the life of their community

What do we mean by full inclusion? It means that our neighbors who are living with disabilities
deserve the same freedoms as the rest of us, for example:

  • Doing a job that we love
  • Making friends of our choosing
  • Pursuing hobbies that we enjoy
  • Living in places (and with people) that give us comfort


Disability Support Services Offered in Clackamas County

At ALSO, we know that the most effective way to provide high-quality employment, community living, and support services is to establish strong partnerships with all Oregon disability service organizations. The disability support services we offer in Clackamas County include the following:

Residential Services

Residential services are when someone has the need for continuous levels of support or supervision. As strong advocates for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, we actively collaborate with families, employers, and community members. The result is that each person we support is treated as an individual who has the incredible potential to make valuable contributions to their community.

A developmentally disabled young woman and a DSP worker stand in a kitchen together.

Supported Living Services

Supported living services are when individuals range in needs from a few hours per day or week to 24-hour assistance. People live independently and as safely as possible in their own home. These support services delivered by ALSO have had a positive impact throughout Oregon. As Brett Turner, CEO of ALSO, states, “We support people truly individually…it’s all about the person.” These person-centered services are geared toward disability supports that are specific to the goals and desires of the individual.

A developmentally disabled woman works in the kitchen with a DSP worker from ALSO.

Supported Employment Services

We offer employment services and have professional job coaches that help people with disabilities obtain meaningful employment with competitive wages. We know that the right employment empowers individuals. Therefore, we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find and prepare for jobs that fit their individual goals and abilities.


How employers and employees benefit when everyone works together to foster employment support for people with disabilities.

Social Security Advocacy

When individuals with intellectual or developmental and intellectual disabilities might qualify for Social Security benefits, there are resources in the community. Interested families and individuals with disabilities can contact specialists at Clackamas County Services for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. Call 503-655-8640.

Additionally, Francine Marsh is ALSO’s longtime Social Security and Disability Advocate. Give her a call at (541) 678-0343.


Francine provides amazing advocacy for the people we support.

Clackamas County Resources

Legal Services

Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) is a non-profit, federally mandated, advocacy organization that provides legal services in protecting and/or restoring the rights of individuals with disabilities. 

A core belief of DRO is that people with disabilities have the right to live, work, and play in our communities just like everyone else.

Contact Information: Go to the Request Help page. 

Clackamas Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services

2051 Kaen Road #135  Oregon City, OR 97045

Phone: (503) 655-8640 

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Oregon’s VR Services are available for people who are having difficulty keeping or finding a job due to their disability. 

LEARN MORE:  Short video on getting started with VR

Find a VR Office Locator closest to you.  

Contact ALSO for Disability Support Services You Can Rely On

If you live in Clackamas County and wish to explore options for yourself or a loved one, put this page in your favorites. ALSO employees are truly dedicated to full community inclusion for people with disabilities. Not only do we serve Clackamas County communities, but we also help residents of several other communities in Oregon.

Shoot us an email:
Give us a call: (503) 489-6565

Want to learn more about the Heart Work at ALSO? Contact Sarah Cinquini at or call (503) 753-1239 to schedule a tour!

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