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August 31, 2023

10 Reasons We Are Grateful for our DSPs

Celebrating DSP Recognition Week 2023

Direct support professionals (DSPs) are the backbone of our work with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. The expertise, advocacy, and care they bring to our work at ALSO is irreplaceable. We honor them in celebration of DSP Recognition Week (September 10th through 16th) by sharing 10 reasons why we are grateful for these amazing professionals

1. Enhanced Quality of Life

DSPs help those they support to engage successfully in all kinds of daily activities. This leads to improved abilities in self-care, competitive employment, education, and recreation. The ultimate result is a much higher quality of life.

“Our DSPs put in the compassion and effort to give our individuals opportunities to live their best lives.”

-Jeff Shapiro and Klamath Falls Managers

2. Skills Development

DSPs provide personalized assistance tailored to individual needs. They use a flexible, person-centered approach to help facilitate skills in self-sufficiency. This includes self-care, communication, and socialization.

“Being a DSP involves supporting people in managing their lives, needs, and wants.”

-Danielle Adkins

3. Empowerment

By providing support rather than taking over tasks, DSPs empower people to make their own choices. This fosters improved self-esteem and self-determination.

“They are a dynamic force that drives positive change and empowers individuals to break down barriers and realize their full potential.”

-Melissa Littlefield

4. Building Positive Relationships

DSPs know the value of building trusting relationships. With care and empathy, they become important sources of emotional support and companionship.

“They truly make an honest effort in making sure the people we support have good days, or at least end things on a positive note, even when days are challenging.”

-Wendy Palmer

5. Promoting Dignity

DSPs are tireless advocates for the dignity and worth of each person they support, ensuring that their rights are upheld and that they are treated with respect. They also promote dignity by guiding them in self-advocacy skills.

“They advocate fiercely for the people they support to get their needs met.”

-Harry Norris

6. Community Inclusion

DSPs facilitate community integration by supporting participation in employment, social events, and recreational pursuits.

“Rather than simply taking our individuals on ‘outings,’ the DSPs at ALSO create meaningful community opportunities that enrich their lives.”

-Mary Crombie

7. Skillful Observation

DSPs have a keen eye for recognizing changes in skill level, behavior, and health status. This allows them to address potential issues proactively.

“DSPs are our eyes and ears. We rely on their knowledge and judgment.”

 -Krista Paulson

8. Promoting Health and Wellness

DSPs assist with multiple health-related tasks that are essential to managing the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals we support.

“They are critical to the health and safety of one of society’s most vulnerable populations.”

-Paul Dabour

9. Contributing to Society

By supporting people with disabilities to actively participate in society, DSPs contribute to a more diverse, inclusive, and compassionate community.

“DSPs are the primary change-makers in helping to create a new, evolving standard of inclusivity.”

 -Spencer Brown

10. Professionalism

Dedicated DSPs undergo training to stay current on best practices, ethics, and therapeutic interventions. This ensures superior levels of professionalism in the services they provide.

“Our DSPs continuously learn and collaborate with team members for the greater good.”

-Terri Blackburn

The Positive Impacts of DSPs are Endless

The impact DSPs extends beyond those they support, influencing families, communities, and society at large by promoting inclusivity and understanding. Their dedication and expertise contribute to a more equitable and compassionate world for everyone.

Whether you’re a DSP, someone with a disability, colleague, family member, or friend, please join any Direct Support Professional celebrations during the week of September 10th– 16th, 2023.

Become a DSP at ALSO

We would love for you to join our team at ALSO! A career with us not only brings infinite possibilities in changing people’s lives, but top-notch professional training, competitive pay, and excellent leadership support. With ALSO, you will always be appreciated and valued! Check out our career page for more information.

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