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We are ALSO – Watch Us Shine

Our Work is Heart Work.

ALSO is one of Oregon’s nonprofit disability support services providers in the Portland Metro area, Deschutes County, Klamath County, Umatilla County, Josephine County, Jackson County and Harney County. Founded in 1997, we are committed to full community inclusion and independence for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide the best person-centered residential supported living services for individuals and families in their homes, workplaces and communities. We provide employment opportunities and services to ensure that the people we support live the life of their choosing. We see ability, not disability. Our work is Heart Work.


To promote the full inclusion of people experiencing disabilities in the life of their community.


ALSO envisions a future in which all people, including those living with developmental and other disabilities are fully included, participating members of their communities. We see equitable access to supports and services that reflect the preferences and values of diverse communities and that lead to self-determination, independence, productivity, and a healthy and satisfying quality of life.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We embrace the strength, creativity, and richness that comes from bringing unique perspectives and talents to everything we do. We honor and celebrate all backgrounds, standing up for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion; empowering all advocates and partners to connect, belong, and grow.


The values that guide our Heart Work to support individualized and personalized care for those we support and our team members:

Trust — We are transparent, direct, and honest, fostering a safe and kind environment.

Teamwork — We work in unison to support one another to unleash the power and potential of everyone.

Innovation — We put imagination, creativity, and passion to work, embracing novel ways of doing and thinking.

Dignity — We defend each person’s worthiness and ability to direct their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Respect — We demonstrate admiration and positive regard for everyone.

Accountability — We own our actions and deliver results in the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Humility — We acknowledge that we are part of something larger than ourselves, learning from one another, and growing together with gratitude.


Disability Employment Services at ALSO are focused on creating a customized approach to provide meaningful supported employment services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities seeking jobs.

Residential Care Services utilizes person-centered services - community living support that focus on developmental disabilities residential services. ALSO ensures the people we support live their lives as fully as possible as part of our Residential Services.We foster community living and support services that promote independence.

Supported Living Services assist with independence based on a variety of services customized to individual needs for disability support services. In-Home Supports are developmental disability services offered in private residences based on a person-centered approach built around individual needs as it relates to disability services and support.

Support Services for Children are designed with the whole child in mind to facilitate disability services and support. Our Heart Work provides a healthy, safe, creative, and inviting home environment where children live full lives and thrive.

ALSO Community Arts Program is an inclusive community arts program, studio, and gallery located in Troutdale, Oregon. This hallmark program is committed to the full inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing accessible art opportunities, training, expression, and production.

We Are Advocates — Heart Work is Our Work

ALSO employees are Advocates that undergo extensive person-centered training to better equip and enable people receiving support to lead independent, meaningful lives in communities and workplaces.

I will live our values in my work by always being someone that the people we support and my coworkers can trust. I value teamwork and promise to be a player and a coach. I will look for innovative ways to problem solve and to enrich others. I will support the individuals we work for with dignity and carry that dignity to our team.

— Jackie B., Supported Living Manager

Heart work opens doors.

Help us ensure that everyone has the same opportunities in their home, workplace and community. Let’s make dreams!