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Our Cherished Children’s Services

Love, Security & the Opportunity to Grow

There is nothing we all hold more sacred than children. At ALSO, our commitment to improving the lives and learning for the children we support is one of our top priorities. Each year we continue to add new homes to support the unique needs of each child in the ALSO network. Our newest Children’s Home opened August of 2022 and features a wide array of innovative technologies that will vastly improve the lives of these very special kids. We recently had the honor of graduating one of the children we support from a Children’s Services home to an adult home on her 18th birthday. A powerful milestone we are very proud of.

We Believe

At our core, ALSO is a nonprofit organization that believes that children require support where their emerging unique needs are best met. While we all hope that this would be a loving family home, this isn’t always a child’s reality or the best option for many reasons. For this reason, we are dedicated to the premise that all children, despite their circumstances, yearn for a connection to family and important people. At ALSO, we dedicate ourselves to being a pathway to reconnection, a balanced life experience, and a loving place for growth for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

How Children’s Services Works

ALSO’s Children Disability Services are designed and implemented with the whole child in mind. We provide a healthy, safe, creative, and inviting home environment where eligible children live full lives. We support each child’s distinct needs, emphasize integrated supports, and prioritize skill development, independence, decision making, and community integration and inclusion. It is our goal to provide additional resources to children with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Let’s Work Together

Reach out to Tanja Garrot via email at or call (503) 489-6565 if you have any questions or are interested to learn more.

Meet Bailey from Portland, Oregon

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Let’s Make Heart Work a Reality For Those Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Schedule a tour today to see first hand how ALSO’s Heart Work comes to life. Experience the vision, the people we support, and meet our Heart Work Advocates. To schedule a tour, contact Sarah Cinquini via email at or by phone at (503) 753-1239.

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