“My people love me at my house!”


Love, Security, and the Opportunity to Grow 

We Believe

At our core, ALSO believes that children require support where their emerging needs are best met. While we all hope that this would be a loving family home, but this isn’t always a child’s reality or the best option for many reasons. For this reason, we dedicated to the premise that all children, despite their circumstances, yearn for a connection to family and important people. At ALSO, we dedicate ourselves to being a pathway to reconnection, a balanced life experience, and a loving place for growth.   

Meet Jory

How Children’s Services Works

ALSO’s Children Services are designed and implemented with the whole child in mind. We provide a healthy, safe, creative, and inviting home environment where children live full lives-supporting each child’s distinct needs, emphasizing integrated supports, skill development, independence, decision making, and community inclusion.     

Let’s Work Together

Info@alsoweb.org | 503-489-6565  

Schedule a tour today and let us showcase ALSO’s services, vision, the people we support, and our staff. To schedule a tour, visit our events page or contact Sarah Cinquini. sarah.cinquini@alsoweb.org | 503-753-1239. We’re all in this together.   

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