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ALSO Delivers Heart Work

Like so many other non-profit organizations that serve the state of Oregon – it takes a village. The Heart Work that the internal Team at ALSO delivers is exceptional and always offered with a commitment to excellence.

But more community support and involvement is needed. With the support of volunteers – we can work together to boost the total value of every ALSO support system and program. We invite anyone to help us achieve our mission. Join us to support the full inclusion of people experiencing disabilities. 

We’re all in this together. Become a volunteer by joining our village of dedicated humans and make a real difference to help us deliver on the promise of making sure everyone has the same opportunities in their home, workplace and community.

To inquire about ways to volunteer and offer support, contact our ALSO Stewardship team via email at or by phone at 503-489-6565.

Join Us as an ALSO Alliance Volunteer!

At ALSO, we believe that positive change begins with a strong community of dedicated volunteers like you! Are you ready to make a lasting impact and be the driving force behind transforming lives? Together, we can achieve extraordinary things in our mission of promoting the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of their community.  

Explore Current Volunteer Opportunities

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

There are countless ways for individuals to get involved and contribute their unique skills and passions. Whether it’s lending a hand, creating a collaborative work of art with an ALSO Artist, assembling gifts of appreciation for our dedicated DSPs, or assisting with one of our many community events – your efforts will create ripples of change and hope. 

Group Volunteer Opportunities 

Looking to strengthen bonds within your team, club, or organization? Our group volunteer opportunities are the perfect answer! Engage in rewarding experiences together, fostering teamwork and camaraderie while making a profound difference in the lives of those we serve. From team-building activities like planting a garden at one of our local residential homes, to collaborative projects that empower local communities, your group’s synergy will amplify our impact.

Join Us in Nurturing Change 

No matter your background or expertise, your commitment to our cause is what truly matters. Whether you can spare a few hours each month or dedicate more time to creating lasting change, we welcome all volunteers with open arms.  

Become an ALSO Alliance Volunteer

Why Volunteer with ALSO?

As an ALSO Alliance Volunteer, you’ll not only bring positive change to your community, but you’ll also gain: 

Fulfillment: Experience the profound joy that comes from being part of something bigger and making a real difference in others’ lives.  

Community: Be part of a warm and compassionate community of like-minded individuals, fostering lifelong friendships. 

Learning: Acquire new skills, perspectives, and insights as you immerse yourself in diverse projects and challenges. 

Recognition: Celebrate your contributions with us and receive heartfelt appreciation for your invaluable efforts. 

Together, Let’s Create a Brighter Future for All  

Join us in creating positive change in the world! By becoming an ALSO Alliance volunteer, you’ll play a pivotal role in uplifting lives, spreading hope, and building a brighter future for all. Together we can create a more just and equitable society, where people of all abilities feel valued, respected, and included.  – one act of kindness at a time. 

Explore Current Volunteer Opportunities

Ways To Make an Impact

Your voice is powerful. Be an advocate and share our content on social media. Contact us to share your advocate ideas.

Become a monthly donor to ensure that people experiencing disabilities have a continuous source of support for transportation, community activities and assistive technology.

Contact your employer about matching donation programs.

For Fred Meyers frequent shoppers, join the Fred Meyer Community Rewards using code JX699 to contribute to the fundraising effort!

Join our Cans 4 Cars effort with Bottle Drop! One-hundred percent of Bottle Drop contributions goes towards purchasing and maintaining vehicles for the people ALSO supports.

Cans 4 Cars Contact Information

To request how you or your business can participate in Cans 4 Cars bags contact the main desk at ALSO at or 503-489-6565.


Let’s Make Heart Work a Reality For Those Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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For additional information, reach out to our ALSO Stewardship team via email at or by phone at 503-489-6565.

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