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Inclusive Community Arts Programs

Breaking Down Barriers & Building Bridges Through Art

Art & life can deliver a beautiful intersection of inclusivity and joy. ALSO’s Community Arts programs have continued to gain momentum and high value in the communities they are part of. Our signature program in Troutdale that was founded in 2012 has been a flagship model on how to bring together the power of community to help us with those we support. The creative expression demonstrated by individuals experiencing disabilities never ceases to amaze us. The work brings a whole new dimension to empowerment and confidence not to mention the huge contributions to the communities they embrace.

We Believe

ALSO Arts is a community arts program, studio, and gallery located in Troutdale, Oregon. It is a foundation and pillar of ALSO’s programs and services committed to the full inclusion of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We believe in providing accessible art opportunities, training, expression, and production.

How ALSO Arts Works

Our ALSO Community Arts program is a simple but powerful way to make art inclusive to all – including people experiencing disabilities. It’s a simple program that facilitates creativity by mentoring and offering a art studio environment that fosters inspiration for our blooming artist. We look forward to sharing our accessible creative studio space and gallery featuring our artists in the rotating gallery exhibits and during Troutdale’s First Friday.

305 East Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, Oregon

Let’s Work Together

Reach out to Chaz Volavka via email at or phone at (503) 758-8576. We are located at 305 East Columbia River Hwy. in Troutdale, Oregon.

The mission of this gallery is to promote art and artists in the local community. All artists are challenged to create from their heart. That is what makes this gallery so very special. It has tremendous heart.

— Marlaine Grimm McGee

Let’s Make Heart Work a Reality For Those Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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For additional information, reach out to our ALSO Stewardship team via email at or by phone at 503-489-6565.

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