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Heart Work Supported Living

Customized Supports as Unique as the Person

At ALSO, we strive to make the lives of those experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities richer and more fulfilling. Our 25 year of service towards this goal is what makes the pillars of our heart work so important and meaningful. We are proud of the impact that we are making day in and day out for those we support all across the state or Oregon.

We Believe

Supported Living offers an approach where people choose where they live, how they live, and how often they receive supports. We work together to create a unique and individualized plan for each person.  We believe that people live, work, and thrive in the communities of their choice.

How Supported Living Works

ALSO Advocates help balance and facilitate multiple aspects of one’s life, such as self-advocacy, money management, medical assistance, personal care, and many more daily life skills. Supported living services assist in securing a self-sustaining, independent living situation in your community. Here’s a look into our Supported Living Program options.

In-Home Supports (all ages) — Individual services offered in your home. This person-centered approach is developed around each individual’s needs.

Supported Living — We work hard to promote, encourage, and assist with independence in a wide variety of services based on an individual’s needs.

Roommate Model — Provides a cost-effective, shared independent living opportunity addressing one of the largest barriers to independent living, affordable housing! Each individual has their own program set up based on their choices and unique needs.

24 Hour Support — Offered for those who need support around the clock.

Community — We provide support in an individual’s community from shopping to volunteering, hiking, entertainment, mastering public transportation, or whatever that support may look like for that person.

Let's Work Together

Reach out to ALSO’s Supported Living Director, Darrin Barnham, if you have any questions or are interested to learn more.

Team Member Photo

Darrin Barham

Supported Living Director

(503) 489-6565

Meet Glenda from Portland, Oregon

Hometown: Bend, OR
Favorite activity: Training
Favorite hobby: Sports

One of my favorite things to do is to make thumbprint cookies with my staff. It reminds me of when I was little and then with my grandmother.

Glenda’s birthday celebration this past summer with a tiara and feather boa for her birthday car parade surprise.

I am enjoying my work here at ALSO, and excited for what the future holds!

— New ALSO Advocate B. Hunter

Let’s Make Heart Work a Reality For Those Experiencing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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