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The Team at ALSO

March 28, 2024

Kosmo Barnes and Life as a Direct Support Pro

Meet one of Direct Service Professionals (DSP) working for Advocates for Life Skills and Opportunity or ALSO, Kosmo Barnes. As a DSP, Kosmo’s job impacts the people ALSO supports by providing individual-focused services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities every day. They are an advocate for the people they serve and provide support services for people in residential programs.


When asked why they felt called to be a DSP, Kosmo says, “What called me to this job is my passion for equality and inclusion. I went to college for sociology but graduated during the pandemic which made it hard to break into the field. I felt called to work with marginalized communities due to my own lived experiences and my study of social justice.”


With their education and life experiences Kosmo was looking for a job where they could make a difference. They explain that “I always wanted to but hadn’t yet broken into the field. I attended an ALSO hiring event and felt drawn to their mission and values.”


Kosmo enjoys the relationships they build with the people ALSO supports the most. “We are so much more alike than we are different. Being able to relate, laugh and connect with those we support is something I cherish.”

A job that helps the community and provides on the job training is a joy to Kosmo. “Being able to help someone live their best life and play a key role in minimizing the hardships and struggles they may face is the most fulfilling part of this job to me. I am very grateful to have a work that I find meaning in and that I can directly see my impact in.”


If you find this description of Kosmo’s job inspiring or if you feel drawn to this type of work, visit ALSO’s website to donate or apply for employment. People of all skill levels are accepted and all training is provided. Contact ALSO at today for a fulfilling and meaningful job.