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The Team at ALSO

March 7, 2024

ALSO’s Supported Living Program Makes a Difference in the Lives of Supported People

Advocates for Life Skills and Opportunity, or ALSO, supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their Supported Living Program. The program assists the supported person to choose where and how they live and how often they receive support. Glenda Van Ortwik is one of the folks in the Supported Living Program.


Glenda came to ALSO on November 5, 2019, and one of the things she likes best about the program is “that ALSO supports me with staff. I get one-on-one [supports], unlike my last place where they didn’t stay with me most of the day. That’s what I like about ALSO’s supported living. The other place had 15 other supports at the same [condo complex], so they couldn’t stay with one particular person all day long. With ALSO supported living, I get staff that comes in from like 11:30 to 7 o’clock. It’s more one-on-one.”


Glenda’s DSP or Direct Support Professional is helping her achieve independence. She explains, “I get help with my medicine and grocery shopping and doctor appointment and a bit of cooking. Everything else, I get to be independent with.” Glenda is pleased that with her DSP’s support she is “able to cook a little more on my own without staff help. I’m starting to try new foods and stuff.”


Glenda’s DSP is also assisting in making her house a home. “I got some chore charts to help me out with chores,” Glenda relates. “I have my cat. Dragon loves to play with balls. Another cat, Orion, belongs to my roommate. Dragon loves to play with hair ties. I take care of Dragon completely on my own. He loves to talk.”


Glenda is pleased with the support she receives from ALSO and says, “Even though I know that the other place treated me good, I just feel like ALSO gives me way better help. I just feel like ALSO is a better company, maybe, if I can say that.” ALSO’s support of people with disabilities is more than just taking care of physical needs, but also allows them to grow in all areas and become part of the community. As Glenda shares, “About myself, I’m learning to come out of my shell more. I’m not as shy anymore. Eventually I plan to get employment one day, but it’s in the works to go to the [ALSO] Arts studio sometime as I really like art.”


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