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April 23, 2024

What Disability Support Services Does ALSO Offer?

ALSO has been transforming the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1997. We are a nonprofit disability support services provider operating in many Oregon counties, including Portland Metro area, Deschutes, Klamath, Umatilla, Josephine, Jackson, and Harney.

Our work is Heart Work. This means that we fully embrace person-centered services that assist those we support in being the person they wish to be.  Through determination and dedication, ALSO additionally brings strength and vibrancy to families, employers, neighbors, and surrounding communities.

The Impact of Disability Support Services

An ALSO DSP sitting at a a table and working with a developmentally disabled individual to set up an ABLE account.

When people receive high-quality services that are tailored to individual needs and abilities, they grow by leaps and bounds. Major benefits of these services include:

  • Improved independent living skills.
  • Better self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Increased potential for competitive employment.
  • Improved abilities to achieve academic goals (e.g. graduating from high school, college).
  • Equal opportunity to access community resources.

The progress we witness expands to families and communities. First, family members and other guardians see their loved ones grow and change in ways they never imagined. Furthermore, the added diversity strengthens communities with fresh perspectives and innovation. [1]

Disability Support Services from ALSO

Supported Employment Services

An intellectually disabled employee cleans roller skate rentals at a skating rink.

When we assist in developing employment opportunities, we make sure that jobs are meaningful to the specific person. We help with career exploration, the job application process, and requests for reasonable accommodations. Someone who loves children, for example, might be the perfect fit to work in a daycare center. People who love gardening might enjoy working at a floral shop.

ALSO’s supported employment programs are designed to be responsive to the needs of employers while concurrently providing career development experiences to those we support. These partnerships have been absolutely amazing for people with I/DD, employers, families, and communities.

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Residential and Housing Services

Rigorously trained and certified direct support professionals (DSPs) work collaboratively with supported individuals, families, and other professionals to coordinate a wrap-around approach to all residential and housing services. Whether someone needs help with medication management, personal self-care, transportation, or mental health, our adaptable and compassionate DSPs are superior problem-solvers when it comes to meeting these specific needs.

The right to make choices is integral to the quality of life. Therefore, we work tirelessly to help those we support in exploring vocational and recreational pursuits, as well as life-skills training and educational goals. We emphasize the importance of social interaction with peers of all ability levels.

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Supported Living Services

“What if we supported them as individuals? …one person at a time?”

This is what Brett Turner, CEO of ALSO said to a colleague. A simple question, but so profound and innovative in its simplicity.

In ALSO’s supportive living program, we focus on informed choices— about where someone lives, how they live, and the specific services they receive. Our services assist in establishing self-sustaining independent living situation communities. For those needing 24-hour care, we’re there for them. If someone needs periodic assistance with reasonable accommodation requests for employment, management of medical conditions, or academic support services, they can count on us for these tasks as well.

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Children’s Services

ALSO’s commitment to improving the lives and learning of those in our children’s services program is paramount. We’re passionate about creating home environments for the whole child. So, in addition to following through with a child’s academic programs, we make sure that other needs are fulfilled, such as socialization, hobbies, stress relief (it’s hard being a kid!), and just plain fun.

Families are often concerned about their children with disabilities getting a good education and often have questions about how they can receive various academic accommodations, such as instruction materials in alternative formats. Please be assured we share this concern. We can help provide support when it comes to requesting reasonable accommodations and IEPs.

ALSO’s Community Arts Program

The intersection of life and art can make us think, free us, and tap into a whole new world. The ALSO Community Arts Program is a powerful way for the people we support to express themselves. ALSO Arts has become an impressive part of the arts scene in Troutdale, Oregon. Come by during our next First Friday!

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Contact ALSO Today to get Started with Services

ALSO employees are true advocates that have extensive expertise in disability support services, documentation guidelines for funding, and person-centered planning. But most of all, we’re collaborators, guides, (and cheerleaders) in helping people with developmental and intellectual disabilities truly thrive because that’s what Heart Work is all about.

Contact Information:

Portland:; (503) 489-6565

Central, Eastern, and Southern Oregon:; (541) 410-0317



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